Custom Designed Outdoor Storage

Renting a storage unit can cost the budget each and every month and they are a hassle to drive to in order to add or delete a small item. Investing in a custom addition to the house to use for storage is a smart way to get more value out of your home. They can serve many purposes and built to suit your specific needs.
Lawn and Garden Equipment Organization

Keeping all lawn and garden equipment in one central location is a great way to stay organized. Things can easily get misplaced when the tools like rakes, or trimmers are stuck in closets or corners of the garage. You can have a storage area added on to your existing home that is perfect for lawn mowers, weed eaters, edgers, trimmers and all other gardening tools. Add a locking door and outdoor light for added security.
Storage for Extra Furniture and Household Goods

Rearranging the furniture in the house always seems to lead to an item or two that needs to be stored. there may be a use for it later, which means you do not want to get rid of it. You may need to clear out a room in the house for painting, or other improvement project. It would be perfect to have a storage area that is designed to safely store items like this for as long as you need.
Custom Work Space

Hobbies are an important part of relaxation routines for people of all ages. Painting, sculpting, woodworking, quilting and jewelry making are just a few hobbies that many enjoy. Imagine creating your own space to store your materials, finished products and an undisturbed work area to allow the process to happen. A custom built addition will provide you the needed space within feet of your living room or kitchen.
Winterize Storage for Outdoor Furniture

Winter means cooler temperatures and rain, at times. This is an excellent time to clean off all of the outdoor patio furniture and grill for winter storage. You can do this without taking up half of the garage space by adding a custom winterize addition to the back of the home. All of your warm weather items will be safely tucked away from the foul weather and cooler temperatures.

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