How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Outside


Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying insects you’ll encounter in the spring and summer. These bugs can even stick around through the wall and into the warmer days of winter. You’ll notice that you have a problem when you start seeing welts on your skin. Those welts are a reaction that occurs when the mosquitoes feed on your blood. Some people even have an allergy to mosquitoes and experience larger welts that itch and feel painful. Get rid of your annoying mosquito problem once and for all with a few simple steps.

Eliminate Standing Water

The most common reason why you might have mosquitoes hovering around your yard is because of standing water. Yards with swimming pools, fountains and other water features are more susceptible to mosquito infestations. Using a cover on your pool and draining water features that you don’t use can be a big help. You’ll also want to look for mud puddles and puddles of water that can form after a storm. Any water around your lawn will attract those bugs and keep you inside.

Use Water Traps

One effective mosquito treatment for yard and outdoor spaces is a water trap. Water traps look like small boxes that you place around your yard. These products come with tablets that you place inside before adding a small amount of water. The combination attracts the insects, but once they get inside, they cannot get back out. You usually need to add more water every 10 days or so, and you’ll need to add more of the tabs to keep attracting those bugs. Water traps work better at getting rid of the mosquitoes around your yard than bug zappers and other products do.

Grow Garlic, Lavender and Catnip

Growing the right plants can also help you fight back against a mosquito infestation. Garlic is one of the best products, which is why some people swear that eating garlic can ward off mosquitoes. Growing your own also lets you keep garlic on hand for cooking. Lavender is another herb that can ward off mosquitoes. These small purple flowers add a colorful touch to your garden too. You can also grow your own catnip, which has a pungent smell that repels mosquitoes. If you have pet cats, dry the catnip for use in the winter. Using water traps, growing the right plants and removing standing water will help you get rid of your mosquito problem for good.



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